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VIROSAN® Disinfectant without Alcohol

VIROSAN® disinfects Rooms, Surfaces and Objects from Pathogenic Germs, Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi. VIROSAN® is purely mineral and is used wherever chemical disinfectants can not be used.
VIROSAN® can be used as a wipe disinfection, or in conjunction with ULV Cold Fogging

Advantages at a glance:
VIROSAN® has a reliable Bactericidal, Virucidal, Fungicidal and Sporizide
• Ready to use
• Without alcohol, Phenols, aldehydes
• High efficacy • Purely mineral active ingredient
• Good material compatibility 
• Air disinfection reports
• Safety certificate
• VAH / RKI expert opinion
• EU certificate of cold misting
• HACCP certificate 

Just a few Applications:


  • Disinfection of drinking water and drinking water installations
  • Disinfection of Schools and Creches
  • Disinfection of Offices, Shops, Industry
  • Disinfection of Hospitals, Doctor Practices, Dental Practices, Retirement & Nursing Homes
  • Disinfection of Wellness, Sunbeds, Sauna, Steamrooms & Fitness Studios
  • Disinfection of Public Transport, Commercial Vehicles, Busses, Cars etc
  • Disinfection in food processing plants
  • Disinfection in beverage production & bottling
  • Disinfection in animal husbandry
  • Disinfection and cleaning of the room air by fogging
  • Treatment of process water and RLT systems Swimming pool water
  • Reduction of germ load in irrigation water

VIROSAN® is a highly effective microbiocide solution based on purely inorganic. Hazardous substances are not produced during production or use. Products from this family are used for disinfection of drinking water installations, for reducing the germ load in irrigation water, for misting and for surface disinfection in food processing and gastronomy. The disinfecting products are made from a diluted salt solution. The latter is activated in self-developed bioreactors by unipolar contact on catalytically active anode surfaces. The products of the VIROSAN® family are highly oxidizing solutions that kill microorganisms quickly and non-specifically. Application on surfaces has been tested according to DGHM and DVV guidelines, bactericidal and virucidal (covered and uncovered viruses).


Active ingredients:
active chlorine, released from hypochloride acid 0.01 - 0.1 g/L 

VIROSAN® Safety Data Sheet VIROSAN.pdf