What is ULV Cold Fogging?

Disinfection through ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Cold Fogging – Highly Effective against Viruses 

In the ULV cold fogging process, we use VIROSAN® is EU Approval and whose effectiveness in the fight against COVID-19 has already been proven. These are used in conjunction with the AIR-CLEAN360 HD5 ULV Fogger. With room disinfection by cold fogging, our Disinfectant is distributed as a fine aerosol in the air where it forms a fast and, above all, safe alternative to other disinfection processes. This is the ideal solution for the disinfection of hard-to-reach areas and objects. 

As our Disinfectant disperses without leaving any residue, or the risk of material or environmental damage. Furthermore, our Disinfectants are non-toxic to humans and animals. The cold fogging method means that rooms can be completely decontaminated and re-used quickly. Disinfection by means of cold fogging can be used in already contaminated areas, as well as a precautionary treatment of high traffic areas. Cold fogging is often used in Hospitals, Care Facilities, Nursing Homes, Medical Practices, Pharmacies, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Schools, Kindergartens, Hairdressers, Barbers, Beauty Salons, Offices etc. Our Cold Fogging technology can also be used in any type of private or commercial Vehicle. ULV Cold fogging, used in conjunction with our Disinfectants is highly effective in the treatment and prevention of Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi.


ULV Cold Fogging can be used in many areas. Here are just a few examples.

Hospitality Industry
Fitness & Wellness Industry
Retail & Wholesale
Warehousing & Distribution
Educational Services
Play Schools & Creches
Restaurants & Bars